Sunday, February 21, 2016


Within the dim-lit yoga studio, a calmness exists. The world is miles away. The only sounds are the breath and the prompts from the teacher who guides yogis through a practice of deep thought and movement. This inner sanctum of tranquility becomes the sacred space for learning about self. Through breathing, quiet poses, and stretching the mind, body, and spirit are awakened and a sense of well-being and peace felt.

It is within the practice of soft flow movements that a connective energy emanates from the heart center and shared with the collective consciousness, binding all together as one body of practitioners. With each exhaled breath there is a leaning into the stretch-no worries, no stress, just the motion of moving deeper into thought and action. In the stillness exists the ability to awaken the senses and delight in the feeling of well-being. 

The return to the stretch has filled my daily practice this week with a spirit of mindfulness and purposeful intent. I wrote, worked out, got back into a yoga routine, and created. I even pushed my limits toward increased writing time and the ability to write freely from prompts for some creative challenges from Poetry Friday colleagues, Laura Shovan and Michelle Heidenrich Barnes. The stretching of my mind, body, and spirit provided me with increased muscle movement and quiet time, leading to an abundance of thoughts rising from within. 

I celebrate the stretch. It provides an openning to let go of unwanted stress and to write from the heart without the concern of final product syndrome. 

Today, in the quiet of the morning hours enhanced by the intermittent chirping of birds, I reflect on the possibilities of stretching the mind, body, and spirit. May you join me in celebrating the stretch to gain a new perspective on wellness this coming week. 

Please enjoy ten minutes of peaceful music while visiting Ruth Ayres' Celebrate This Week community where bloggers' focus on positives of a week of celebration.

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