Thursday, February 11, 2016

Purposeful Intent

The room was dimly lit. I listened carefully to the yoga instructor's voice. Her soft soothing words were encouraging as she asked the class to set personal intentions. Mine was to stay present in the moment. By the end of the class, a peaceful spirit filled the room. Then, we paused and reflected in silence before leaving the darkened studio. My intention to stay in a relaxed state remained in my heart. The peace that flowed in the stillness was a vivid memory. 

As I prepared to write this post for Spiritual Journey Thursday, I turned to Leigh Anne Eck's one little word, intent. The image of our hands outstretched in the yoga studio reminded me that we offer our intent at the start of each practice. In life, we set intentions throughout the day. On our spiritual journey we intend to transverse the rocky road of life with sound footing. Whether it is at home, at exercise, or work we are involved with the act of creating intents as reflective practitioners of life.  

Intent reminds me of a call to action, to walk a purposeful walk but what does it take to be intent on life's journey? One needs resolve, determination, eager attention, decisiveness, and an earnest approach to living. Intentions need to be set. At the beginning of January connected colleagues are involved in this type of practice with the choosing of our #oneword to guide our practice.  As setting an intention is integral to the yoga practice so it is also in life for it allows believers to frame out a path to purposeful living.

We need guidance to walk the journey. In the yoga studio we have a guide, our teacher. In life, we can accept the Guiding Hand that walks with us on our journey. We are not alone. Listen to Kari Jobe sing her powerful song about this thought. 

If you are interested in setting intentions in life or in yoga practice, please watch this short video.

Psalm 34:14 has a beautiful morning intention:
Turn from evil and do good; seek peace and pursue it.

How do you feel about this quote from Andre Bocelli?
All that counts in life is intention.

Before starting your day, give yourself a chance to relax for ten minutes with music for your mind, body, and soul before setting your intention.

Now, please visit Spiritual Journey Thursday hosted by Holly Mueller to read the community member's thoughts on Leigh Anne Eck's powerful word, intent. 

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