Monday, February 29, 2016

Last Ride

Today marks the last day of Laura Shovan's Found Object Poem Project. It has been a busy month of writing poetry alongside colleagues. We laughed, oohed and ahhed, and delighted over each other's poems after closely observing the found object writing prompts that Laura provided each week. 

Today, please join me on the merry go round of the writerly life.

Here is my ditty song, Last Chance, that I created with the app, Ditty.

So Long, Farewell...

Thank you, Laura Shovan, and the #foundobjectpoem writer friends
for an enjoyable month of writing to our hearts' content. 
Collaborating with this community has been a joy.

You can access the last day poems for Laura's Found Object Poem Project here

SPECIAL NOTE: I have been exchanging Help Requests to Blogger about missing comments from readers. You may have to log in with Google + to post a comment or send it to my gmail account (cvarsalona). Thank you.

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