Thursday, February 18, 2016

The Power of Poetry

On Sunday night, all poets, writters, bloggers, educators, and connected colleagues are invited to participate in #ISTELitChat on Twitter at 9:00 pm EST. Dr. Michele Haiken, moderator, will discuss the topic, The Power of Poetry, with guest moderator Carol Varsalona and guest author and poet, Laura Purdie Salas.

This will be a unique opportunity to bring the voice of poets to the Twittersphere for a professional exchange online. Join the chat that honors voice and the power of the poetic word.

Words, bold or silent, are magical connectors
linking human thoughts into tapestries. 
They can be positive and inspiring-
filled with deep-seated emotions.
They can be bold spoken words 
or silent written ones-
life forces in a world
that has selective 

©Carol Varsalona, 2016 


Give your words life. Engage in the experience of exchanging thoughts on the power of poetry with colleagues from near and far.

Here is the #ISTELitChat question document for your perusal.

My call to action is to continue to weave words into digital inspirations
that will take flight and hopefully impact some receptive hearts.

(Note: The above image was a photo of the heavily-laden trees during the past storm that I digitalized into a rich visual background for my words.)

Please visit Poetry Friday being hosted by my writing colleague, Donna Smith, who opened the Round-up early for business. Donna and I have exchanged blog posts and poems this week at both Laura Shovan's 2016 Found Object Poem Project and Holly Mueller's Spiritual Journey Thursday. You can access the voices of the Poetry Friday writers here

My offerings to these sites this week have been varied, proving to me that writing is a daily exercise in creation and can become the seeds of a collection of thoughts.

From my Valentine's Day post

to my Spiritual Journey Thursday post on Irene Latham's one word, delight

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