Saturday, March 13, 2021

Back to Long Island Again

It was a slow wake-up for us. We needed to be on the road heading back to Long Island for the closing but we overslept. I could barely keep awake as we inched closer to New York but I did notice that the weather was cooler. Would our house be ready to welcome us back?

Hello house,
you waited for us
to return.
We are ready
to make you
a welcoming sight
for new owners.
They will love you
as you grow older.
We will remember
all the memories,
the good times
and sad ones.
Homes are
safe havens
of happiness.
You were that for us.
Home is a shelter from storms-all sorts of storms. -William J. Bennett

House, be that shelter for the next family
We wish you well as we make you shine.

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  1. Changing weather, changing circumstances -- which reminds me, got to change clocks now, too. Best to you as you write the new chapter to come.

    1. I cannot believe that I was able to get this slice in on time, Brian. Keeping up with the pace of traveling back and forth has been difficult but we are almost there.

  2. What a whirlwind month for you, Carol. And yet, you keep slicing. I know you'll love getting settled in VA and being closer to your grand girls.

    1. You are so right, Ramona. I missed seeing the little girls today because we had to leave for New York. My son did get to see them. Aurora learned a new word, "Hi". I can't wait to begin my new life in Virginia.

  3. Carol, I am sure your former home is ready to make happy memories for its new owners just as your new home is ready to make new memories for you.

  4. I like your persona poem about your house, and how welcoming and grand a house she is. Wishing you all the best Carol, on these last legs of your move.

  5. I love your poem. I'm sure your house will be a wonderful new home for some family!

  6. What a lovely farewell to your old home and a sweet welcome for those who will live there next. Hope you are settling into your new home.

  7. Such a heartfelt poem to express how much your house has meant to you, and how much you hope it will do the same for the next family. Best wishes on your move and settling into your new home sweet home!

  8. We are currently helping my mom clean out her house in preparation for her to move in with my sister and it has been bittersweet for sure. Best wishes as you say farewell to a well loved home.

  9. I'm sure your new house will become as special to you as this one was to you for years. It sounds like you know, well, that the next family will make your house a home and that is such a comfort at a time of transition.

  10. Here's hoping your next home is as warm and welcoming. I am sure you will make this home the best for its new owners. Good luck on your journey!