Saturday, March 20, 2021

A Spring Peek

winter blew its deepest breath
hoping to hold its reign
as it blustered in today

fireplace turned on for warmth
hot tea, oatmeal - comfort food  
for the writer's winter soul 

spring waits nearby for its turn
patiently sharing  earth love 
some daffodils nod hello
©CV, 2021

I'm welcoming springtime while preparing to organize my Winter's Embrace 2021 Gallery.

Sneak Peek from my slicer friend, Brian Rozinsky.

Isn't this scene just dreamy?

Winter, By Degrees

A sweet spot
not too far from freezing,
makes for the biggest, fastest snowflakes,
not alike how this precise angle
pitches art
as nature's mirror.
Words & photo by @brianrozinsky


  1. I like your and Brian's poem. A good way to start a Sunday morning. We had blizzard yesterday. No signs of spring. Today is a different day. The sun shines and the snow melts.

  2. First day of spring Temps were near 60. Bright sunshine. Only thing missing was my free Rita's.

    1. Our temperature was just a bit above 60 making the day just delightful.