Friday, March 12, 2021

Moving Day Clutter

Whew! What a few days this has been. The team of movers pulled up to my new house in Virginia with an 18 wheeler truck yesterday on a day filled with sunshine and 76-degree weather. I feel exhausted and excited at the same time. The house is stuffed to the gills with boxes. Even though I did a good job of labeling each box with the appropriate room designated, the house is cluttered.  I have lost my phone many times and cannot find simple items. Everywhere I go there is clutter. I clean one area only to have another pile of items that would make Marie Kondo cringe. 

It is late in the day and I am sliding into Poetry Friday and today's Slice of Life for Two Writing Teachers. I decided to use a new poetry form, the lamipofri created by Kathryn Apel,Australian children's book author and poet. What is it you ask? Kat states that "It's a poetry snapshot that's quickly scribe to give people an inisht into the world around you at a given point in time-that point being the last minute as you're scrabling for a Poetry Friday poem to post. Hence the name LAst MInuite of a POetry FRIday. The trick with the .amipofri is to pause, take a moment to look around and share that moment with others."

Moving Day Clutter

Eighteen wheeler
pulled in.
Team of five
piled out.
Walkthrough began.
Parade of furniture and boxes
found their way
to designated spots.
I watched in awe.
Changed my mind
too many times.
how to declutter.
Too exhausted!
Marie Kondo
where are you?
I'm in need of advice.
©CV, 2021

This is a neat version after many boxes were unpacked.

This lamipofri is offered to both the Poetry Friday community hosted by the birthday gal, Heidi Mordhorst, and Two Writing Teachers March SOLSCI! #SOL21.


  1. SO exhausting and exciting! Those piles of boxes have so much stored inside - memories, possibilities, and...a life. Busy days ahead. I can't wait to see how it transforms!

    1. Holly, I have been working round the clock to make boxes disappear. There have been many trips to the dumpster in our community since other homes are being finished. It is exciting but so tiring. Tomorrow, we leave for Long Island for the walkthrough and closing.

  2. Too many boxes cause stress. Remember that a box is not always a box. Save some boxes for your granddaughter to play with. :)

  3. I have learned something new today;"lamipofri is to pause, take a moment to look around and share that moment with others." I'll be writing one today. Thank you

  4. Carol, I bet you are exhausted but also feel a sense of relief now that you are there. The nice thing about unpacking is that the pressure is as great as it is when you are packing.

  5. Hooray! Look at those unpacked boxes. Look at you bringing poetry moments into your life so naturally. Look at how much fun the girls will have with boxes. So much to celebrate here.

  6. Ugh, moving! I like your poem. Been there, done that, way too many times!

  7. Sending you hugs, energy, and poetry, Carol! Moving is hard!

  8. Holy cow! That moving thing! Just put your toothbrush somewhere where you can find it, like maybe on a string around your neck. And I'm glad to know what a lamipofri is. I have been kind of, ok, way, out of touch with Poetry Friday this year. I saw that term on Mary Lee's blog yesterday, but didn't know exactly what it was.

  9. Goodness gracious, Carol--I feel stressed just reading these posts. You're right though that NOW is the time for Marie Kondo--you can't tell what more you need to let go until you've packed it and moved it to the new place! ; ) Wishing you peace and pleasure in your new place--that fireplace looks amazing!

  10. Love this poem, Carol! I hope you've started to settle into your new place by now.