Tuesday, March 16, 2021

New Life Begins in Virginia

We did it! We are officially Virginians. Today is our first day in our new home without having to drive back to New York. It is a full one since boxes are stacked all around us. Which ones shall I  open first? I think kitchen organization is a must. There is the organization of the new master his and her closets that is important and let me not forget the master bathroom because it took me all day to find some of the medicine bottles I needed.  I promised myself I would not stay up late and here it is 11:30 pm and I'm still writing this slice of life so I decided to use Elena Wetmore's slice of life story at Standing Tall as a mentor text for a new challenge: write a meaningful story in three words.  

officially sold house

new life begins:

sorting through belongings

thinking through mishaps

writing as cure-all

grandma duty tomorrow

- What's your 3-word story? -

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  1. Great three word stories summarizing your new life.

  2. Congratulations, Virginia transplants.
    Put down roots.
    Have fun decorating.
    Don’t overdo it.
    Enjoy your home.

  3. Carol, you made it. Great three word stories.
    Unpacking a box.
    Time with family.
    No more running.

  4. I love drafting six word memoirs, but I am super excited to try out three word stories!! Congratulations on settling in (and being able to continue slicing in the midst of that!).

  5. Fresh new beginnings are always fun! Wishing you the very best on your new adventure! :)