Wednesday, March 10, 2021

In Virginia

Yesterday was another long day of journeying onward to settle in our new home in Virginia. My daughter and son both said their goodbyes to their childhood home and felt the pangs of sadness. After all, this house was their family home. Memories were made there, tears shed, and joys celebrated. Because of COVID, there was no fanfare before stepping into the car - just a rush to clean up the house so we would not have so much to do when we return for the walkthrough and closing on Saturday. BUT there was extreme exhaustion and burning feet.

Tonight, I sit quietly in my new great room. It is open, spacious and my new sectional is so comfortable. I just turned off my fireplace as I intermittently nod off. Thanks for spending a few quiet moments with me. I needed time alone to write because the stress level is not lessening. Tomorrow the movers deliver the furniture at 7:30 AM. There's no rest for the weary this week but expectations of future joy!

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  1. Moving is never fun. Especially from a home with so many memories attached to it. Glad you were able to find a few moments to rest on that lovely sectional and get your slice in. God speed tomorrow.

  2. What a tremendous accomplishment in the middle of March and you're still slicing. Hats off, Carol. And shoes off, too. Time to scurry to bed for a bit of shut-eye before that moving truck arrives.

  3. Moving is always hard, no matter how many times you have done it. The last time I move, I found comfort in writing every day I was packing. Enjoy your new home, and I am assuming, new State :)

  4. Carol, it is hard to leave memories behind, but because they are memories we carry them with us. You made it. Although there will still be hectic days ahead, hopefully the stress level has dropped.

  5. How good that you had at least a few quiet moments to sit and breathe on this busy and emotional day.

  6. Resting and writing seem like good ways to deal with the stress. Also, I love the fireplace and windows. Does your fireplace open to an outdoor fireplace? That's so cool!