Sunday, March 28, 2021

Hiking with Family

“An early morning walk is a blessing for the whole day.” -Henry David Thoreau

Yesterday, the family met for a walk up Bull Run Mountain. Not quite sure that we could keep up with my daughter and husband, we decided to give it a try. We knew that we could easily walk a minimum of two miles on the Long Beach Boardwalk in New York but as my husband noted that was a flat walk. 

We started out slow, cautious of where our feet landed. The forest had many huge old roots that meant caution had to be used when walking. The baby was in a backpack carrier and my soon-to-be-4 year old, Sierra, was hiking along. The weather was warm and the bright sun felt great as it hit our foreheads. All was fine until the path narrowed on the beginner route. After about 1/2 mile my husband felt some pain in his hip where he had a cortisone shot in the hip, so he turned around to wait for us in the car. We all continued walking single file. 

As I wondered how I would do on this hike, my granddaughter Sierra took my hand and we continued onward and upward. It was such a sweet moment. At the halfway mark, my daughter looked for a resting spot. She chose a beautiful one overlooking the stream. I did not think I could get down to sit on the moss-covered area, so I gingerly sat on a log and thought about the Civil War battle fought in this area. I could not imagine the soldiers wearing wool uniforms in the heat, especially since I needed to take off my lightweight jacket. Another thought popped into my mind. If I lose my balance on this incline, would I tumble downward?  

With my OLW begin, I moved on. While I could not remember which route would get us back to the starting point, I was glad to have my daughter and son-in-law leading the way. 

I am proud that I weathered the 2-mile trek with my granddaughter at my side. It was such a wonderful feeling knowing that her presence kept me moving forward. This walk was a blessing because I did not really dwell on fear. I was so enthralled with the scenery and sense of accomplishment.


One step at a time.
Patiently walk the incline.
Journey uphill.
Without a spill.

Postmark: There were no accidents or spills on my first hike on Bull Run Mountains. At the end of the hike, Sierra turned to her Mommy,, "I want to stay at Grandma's tonight. I have my own bed." (How endearing those words were. While she did not stay overnight again there was the promise of more fun times and sleepovers. What a wonderful two days I spent with my family-a treat from all the unpacking and moving in.)

My photos are not syncing right at this time.

I am ready to post this slice of life for Day 28 March SOLSC! #SOL21 at Two Writing Teachers. 


  1. Carol, this sounds like just the break you needed. Glad you completed the hike with you motivation by your side.

  2. Carol, so glad I found you today. I love her taking your hand and bringing you on the journey. Here's to many sleepovers in the future!

  3. Carol, congratulations on hiking Bull Run holding your granddaughter's hand and watching your younger granddaughter in the backpack! It's amazing what one can do when you have the right motivation. I'm so happy that you had this quality time with your family. Having your granddaughter take your hand and her asking for a sleepover are such sweet moments. "I was so enthralled with the scenery and sense of accomplishment." is why I hike mountains and cross-country ski. I resonated with your slice because it brought memories of my husband and I taking our girls hiking, cross-country skiing, and installing in them our love of nature. You have me looking forward to hiking with my grandchildren some day. Nice poem and pic. I look forward to hearing about more blessings with your family. Thank you for sharing this great slice.