Monday, March 22, 2021

More To Do List

Where there are many boxes to unpack and "stuff" to organize, there has to be some time to laugh out loud. The stress of a "life move" seems to be getting the best of my husband, my son, and me so I decided to add a bit of levity at the end of a jam-packed day. Maybe this quick poem will bring a chuckle in the morning as we start another day of unpacking and organizing the "stuff" we accumulated over the years.

More to do,
the common chant.
Sometimes it's good
To list and rant.

More to do,
Let's count the chores.
Kitchen organizing
Some mine, some yours.

After that
Wait in line

Three hours later
Off to a store
for kitchen organizers.
"This is a bore!"

No time to rest
Get those boxes out!
Ready for another day?
Let's not shout!

Day 22 of March SOLSC! #SOL21 at Two Writing Teachers


  1. Replies
    1. Good to meet you, Rebecca. Thanks for joining me here.

  2. Carol,
    Are you a collector? I suspect you have a lot of stuff and wonder if you’re wishing you’d sold more. If I ever move cross-country I’m not moving much. Pictures, yes. But most I’m selling and replacing. I’ve moved cross-country several times and know how expensive it is and how difficult it is to organize everything.

    1. Glenda, I have collected antiques for most of my married life. We did decide to put many items (over 100) in an online estate sale and did very well but I still have some items that I brought to VA. We decided to buy many new pieces for our open-concept house. I must have moved at least 50 boxes of books, antique/vintage ones by masters of writing, plus contemporary fiction, picture books, and professional texts. My husband was shocked by how many books came with me but I was not.

  3. I like the energy and sense of fun in your poem and hope it spurred you on to some more moving!

  4. Oh, the life move! A collective experience that all will remember. And ugh, the DMV, why is it always so miserable?!

  5. Carol, ya gotta laugh. Sometimes we forget that it is not just packing and unpacking involved in a move. It involves DMV if moving to a different state. Notifying the post office and all publications of change of address. Notifying trash collectors that they have a new customer. Getting set up in a new bank. etc. Keep laughing.

  6. Oh, Carol! Great poems that turn the unpacking and organizing into fun. J am in the process of throwing out. My office has presentations dating back to 1990. Sounds like a glass of wine or several might help in the late afternoon!

  7. Such energy and light-hearted rhyme around a NOT fun chore! I did chuckle over all of it except the DMV - a trip there is no joke! I am thinking of you as you get settled - and I so admire your lines of levity.