Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Imagining My Dream Bathroom

Each morning I wake with the desire to organize another room of my new house but I need motivation. I am at the point of being overwhelmed with the magnitude of the process. Today's task is to set up my master bathroom. In order to get into the mood for this laborious process, I luckily  find an inspiring quote from Soakology . 

"Soap is to the body what laughter is to the soul."

Laughter would be a welcome surprise right now and so would quiet. Before I start, I decide to share a before picture of my master bathroom. It is quite messy but you only see one part of it. The linen closet is filled with bottles of all different essentials, toiletries, medicines, cleaning products which are normal essentials but there is a mess of jumbled-together products. I need to take baby steps in order to turn this room around.

I think you can see that I am ready to get started. I lay down some large boxes to act as a cutting board. This job tasks patience. I pause to remember something from my past. My mother taught me how to line up a pattern on the material so I could cut the cloth in a straight line. It is tedious work that takes me a couple of tries before the liner fits nicely into the container. I feel like I am "on a roll" but oh, no, I am distracted by something else. 

This is a typical occurrence so the flow of work does not go as planned. Did I finish my organization plan? Let's say I wanted to. I think this job will take me several days because of the other tasks that are also important. I will keep you posted and hope there will be some after pictures that show how my dream bathroom turned out.

Day 24 of March SOLSC! #SOL21 at Two Writing Teachers.


  1. Carol, I sometimes think those liners shrink or grow from the time you measure and cut until you get removed to their drawers or container. Take your time and you will have your dream bathroom. If you need to take a day off just for yourself there's nothing wrong with that.

    1. A day off would be ideal, Bob, but it won't be happening soon. I made such a mess of the bathroom that I could not find essential items.