Saturday, March 27, 2021

Rambling Thoughts

She wakes with a smile on her face as bright as the sunshine outdoors. 
"Grandma, I love you." 
These words melt my heart. 
All the stress of our life move floats away as I see her smile and feel her presence. 
She brings me Teddy who needs fixing. 
His bell fell off during her first sleepover. 
Grandma fixes that. 
My mind floats back to my childhood. 
I feel Nonnie's hand in mine during our morning rituals. 
I turn the clock back to today:
The taste of hot chocolate, sweet berries, peanut butter on toast. 
I shall remember this first sleepover with delight after a year of virtual happenings. 
Being a grandmother is a joy that opens a new world of surprise and wonder.
I am filled with delight. 
I breathe in the freshness of spring and hold her little hand, 
Realizing the grandness of one cherished word, "Grandma".
Day 27 of March SOLSC! #SOL21 at Two Writing Teachers.


  1. Carol, this is beautiful. I know that melting heart feeling. A sleepover after a year of having to distance is something very special.

    1. Thanks for noting that specialness of this night, Glenda. I have been so tired of juggling so many balls in the air this year that this one sleepover will remain in my heart forever.

  2. How lovely, what a reward after all your moving and reorganising your life and now you get to see your granddaughter regularly.

  3. I find it amazing, myself, how the time spent with a grandchild so evokes the sense of being the grandchild again, and how our grandmothers seem nearer than ever. To say this is one of the sweetest joys in life is an understatement. The title, the name of "Grandma," is one to be cherished, indeed. The wonder that grandchildren bring back to us is priceless. Enjoy, enjoy, the gift of every precious moment!

  4. This is beautiful. You should print a copy and give it to your granddaughter. I have poems written about me from my grandmother. They are priceless memories.

  5. Carol, a beautiful way new begin a new book of memories in your new home. There will be many more to come.

  6. This is so, so sweet! You've captured the simple joys of being a grandmother perfectly. You're blessed!

  7. So sweet! I am a grandmother to two lovely little girls - one will be turning three soon and the other just turned 2 months. They are so far away at the moment. I can't wait to see them soon. Such treasured moments.