Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Almost There

Where did the month go? Some days, I thought the month was lingering in slow motion. Other times there was so much to do for the moving out of Long Island and moving into Virginia journey, I totally forgot the date and day. Now that my March Musings 2021 journey for March SOLSC! #SOL21 s almost over, I am tired and disappointed that I had little time to write during the daytime when I was fresh. As I think back on this month, I realize that my exhaustion is from the energy expended in the move. 

I have one day left to write a daily slice of life capturing the small moments of the past month so I need to beat the clock before the end of the night.

I am almost there. Like an athlete running the course, I, move forward with bated breath excitedly anticipating what will happen next. I know that I will end March having written each day and responded to other writers' slices of life. I have corresponded with some old friends and other new ones, appreciated the variety of writing styles and welcomed suggestions on different formats. Will I be able to sustain my writing routine with a fresh new lens during National Poetry Month? I certainly hope so and maybe I will be able to write during the daytime like I planned for March.

lights flashing
lighting future passageways
"hopeward" bound
©CV, 2021

Day 30 March SOLSC! #SOL21 at Two Writing Teachers


  1. You made it, yay! I'm hoping to keep up the momentum in April for poetry month. I also planned to daytime write, and I was doing a pretty good job the first week or so.... Boy, did that get more difficult as the days went on! We're almost there!

  2. You get the prize, Carol! Anyone who can move out and settle into a new home, all while slicing every day is a shining slicer. I bet you'll move right into April & poetry month with hardly a glitch.

  3. I’m confident you’ll muster the energy to write poetry all April. I can’t imagine your April any other way. For this month, life happened. Now you’re getting settled, and the magic will find you.?

  4. Yes, we Slicers are almost there. I totally agree that there were days this month that seemed to linger in slow motion. There were many days that I struggled to have a an idea. But, here we are. I, too, hope to write poetry every day in April. Sending good vibes that both are successful.

  5. Carol, it's all about commitment. We start this month committed to daily writing and we see it through no matter what. Even in the midst of packing up one house and moving states away. I have no doubt that you will breeze through poetry month now that you are settled, if not fully unpacked, in your new home.

  6. You're amazing, keeping on posting during your move! Congratulations!