Wednesday, March 17, 2021

St. Patrick's Day in Virginia

Every St. Patrick's Day we wear green, celebrate with corn beef and cabbage, and enjoy the festivities surrounding the event. Several years ago my husband learned how to make corn beef and cabbage from a close friend. Even though most of my kitchen and dining room items were still in boxes (we closed on our Long Island home on Monday afternoon), we wanted to celebrate in some fashion. 

Before my husband started the cooking, he drove me to my daughter's house to grandma-sit my one-year-old granddaughter. She spiked a very high fever a few days ago leading the doctor to give her a COVID test. I was worried about her when I arrived but she not only looked so much better than the first day of the illness she was in a happy mood. I had little time during the day to do much else than watch her so it was up to my husband to cook the meal. The thought of an traditional Irish meal was tempting so at the end of the day, my daughter, husband, and two little ones followed us back to our house where all the food was ready. 

Upon arrival, we quickly set up the patio at two different tables outside. It was chilly but we made do with the weather since the dinner was delicious. The outside fireplace provided a warm glow and heat. My three and a half-year-old granddaughter was so excited that she shared the box of mini black and white cookies (better known as half-moons in Central New York)that I bought her with the family after dinner. 

What a great way to celebrate an event that has always had memories attached to it. I even got to hug my granddaughters for the first time since since COVID brought such sorrow to earth.

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  1. Carol, glad your granddaughter is feeling better. First of many family dinners at your new home - and you didn't even have to cook. First of many new memories in your new home.

  2. What a wonderful celebration! I was ready to curl up with the warm glow of the fire.

  3. After the stressful moving period it must have felt so good to sit and have a meal with your family.

  4. So happy for this scene of you with your precious grandchildren; is the little one over the illness now? The meal certainly sounds wonderful - and good husband to prepare while you grandma-sat. I can imagine how you savored it all!