Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Tapestry of Thought

Within the course of one month, I wrote what Two Writing Teachers call the daily slice.This March, when winter shook the Northeast, I wove slices of life into a tapestry of thought that has lasted thirty-one days. Today on Day 31, the Slice of Life Story Challenge has come to a close, but not my word weaving. 

Once upon a time in my early teaching life, my professor told me to look at ordinary life events to write about. Laura Robb's tip for me was to write daily. While I have been doing so, this month of writing daily has allowed me to view life with a different lens. I listen (my one little word for 2015), I observe, I learn, and then, I write. With this post, one tapestry will be complete. The stitching may have been patchy in spots, but finely crafted in others. Along the way, I have been guided, supported, and even praised by fellow word weavers. Honing my craft has been a whirlwind of activity in light of daily life encounters. Balancing different lives, such as home, professional, and writing, has been quite the juggling act. I have learned from missteps and am ready to move forward to continue to slice, write poetry, enter literary challenges, tweet, and blog. In the end, I will have beautiful tapestries of thought to call my own. 

Since slicing involves the teaching profession, I created a slice yesterday, Getting to the Heart of Teaching, that I have expanded upon for other challenges. Perhaps, this will become a special tapestry that will transition us into spring.


My Animoto video, Getting to the Heart of Great Teaching

Please visit Two Writing Teachers to read other slices from around the country. 

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