Thursday, March 19, 2015

Mother to Child - Healthy Eating

Every child needs a balanced diet to keep their body healthy and their mind sharp. "Studies have shown that if you equip your children with healthy food to eat at school, they will be better prepared to study and learn." ( Because childhood obesity is a prevalent problem, First Lady Michelle Obama created the "Let's Move" program to bring awareness to the issue. Her program centers on four pillars: providing parents with information to make better choices about their children's nutritional habits, getting healthier foods into school lunch programs, bringing focus and accessibility to healthy foods, and increasing physical activity for America's youth.

Mothers need to be aware of the effects of healthy eating to help their children make wise food choices. Below is a conversation that shows different reactions to healthy food choices. 

Mother To Child:
MUNCH. Crunch!
A healthy lunch
packed with veggies
and Mom's strategies.

Child #1 to Mom
MUNCH. Crunch!
Mom's healthy lunch-
healthy foods to eat-
where are the sweets?

Child #2 to Mom
MUNCH. Crunch!
Mom's healthy lunch
I crave some celery sticks-
with yogurt dip to lick.

Start today to help your children find the right foods to lead a healthy life.

Heidi Mordhorst's Forward...March Poetry Challenge word of the day is lunch. 
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