Thursday, March 26, 2015

Exercise of Faith

While reading the poem below listen to "Winter Journey."

When the wings of fate
fly into your sight and
throw an obstacle in your way,
reach out to find an anchor
that will guide your day.
Focus on the positive
but don't delay.

Perspective is everything!
Reflect and see
in the great expanse
what life can be.

Adventures await
with twists and turns.
Pause, look, and discover. 
You will need to discern.
The path stretches on
so don't be mislead
when careening slopes miles ahead.

Listen in silence to
the sounds around.
Embrace the stillness
as you journey down.
Brave the unknown
as only you can.

With the wings of faith
and knowledge today
may you find your ultimate way.
But if you dive into snow 
as a misstep of flight.
Remember the goal
is to endure the plight.

Look to the heavens
for you will then see
perched in the mountaintops
the Spirit of the Dove
who guides our path
with understanding and love.

On our journey, we may find obstacles that prevent us from moving forward on the path we desire. It is with an exercise of faith that we can bring light to the darkness that may prevent us from continuing on our presupposed path. 

"For thou art my hope, O Lord God: thou art my trust from my youth."
Psalm 71:5

This poem is written to consolidate my thoughts for three different challenges:
Please visit all three sites to read inspiring slices, posts, and poems written by a variety of writers. 


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