Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Snatching My Quiet Time Away

Today was a day I was not looking forward to. I needed a MRI for a shoulder injury. Having been in what I call the "can" several times and not liking the feeling of being claustrophobic, I approached this appointment with anticipated fear, but I promised myself that I would fight the feeling. I was eager to become a risk taker and snatch my victory from a foe, the dreaded MRI machine. 

Reflecting on fear and looking at risk-taking as a positive mood, I approached my nemesis with an open-mind. I thought isn't that what we ask our students to do. Be a risk taker, develop grit and resilience to conquer fear, and move forward. Today was my day to experiment with that idea. 


For those who have encountered experiences with the MRI machine perhaps you have had an internal conversation like the one I am describing below.

I'm ready, Machine.
Ready to overcome fear.
Into your cavern I go,
first step forward for me.

With eyes closed,
music playing,
I seek support
to quiet my nerves.

Listen to your breath.
My yoga breathing 
starts to work 
until I think of  
the tight space-
the closed in feeling.
Backwards, I go.
Boom, boom, boom.
Machine, your reverberating beat 
snatches my quiet time away.

Panic, yes, on the verge,
but wait, I am supposed 
to be positive.
Machine, don't snatch 
my inner peace.
Don't be eager to
get the best of me.

Action of faith comes to mind.
Step forward into the light.
Eyes open to meet my fears.
It's only a white space.
Music comes back.

Knocking noises reverberate,
grow in strength.
Machine, don't snatch my positivity.
A gentle voice calls.
How are you doing?
Only six more minutes left.

Hope surfaces. 
Grounded in the belief
that I can succeed,
I seize the moment.
The music is soothing.
I listen intently for its
soft sounds drowning
out the pounding noise.

Machine, my nemesis
you once were, but now
my chariot to open
space and fresh air.
Laughingly, I snatch my
victory from the jaws
of your closed-in quarters.
I feel proud that I 
walk away the conqueror.

This narrative poem based on the word snatch fulfills two challenges today. 

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