Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Be a Difference Maker

In this world ridden with fast-paced change, high stress factors, and issues of outcome, productivity, and accountability, difference makers are the thought leaders, the champions, the mentors, and the guides to organizational and systemic change. There is much buzz in social media about the role of leaders and the importance of affecting change. Positive thinking, open-minded leaders push beyond the norm, the comfort zone. This poem is dedicated to those who are change agents and those who wish to make a difference in this 21st century world. They are those who dare to be the game changers who do not settle for the status quo in order to positively impact their professional world.

Who are these 21st Century difference makers? 

Difference makers are 
  ordinary human beings, 
  true to themselves, 
  ethical individuals who 

  are not hindered by egocentrism.
They are the men and women
  who feel the rhythm of life's balance,
  the pulse beat of positivity,
  and the energy of serving others.

How do they engage in their daily tasks?

They live in the present, 
  envisioning avenues of change
  to move gingerly forward,
  always with reflective action.
Creatively they problem solve
  in the midst of mild chaos
  or internal discord.
They lead with clarity of thought
  and model collaborative energy.
Lifework and teamwork are 
  promoted and encouraged.

Why do we need difference makers?

Difference makers are 
  the change agents, 
  the thought provocateurs,
  the prophets of positivity,
  the guides to tomorrow,
  and the leaders of today.
They are strong individuals 
  who do not stand in 
  waters of mediocrity, 
  polluted by the 
  stagnation of negativity.
They dare to be courageous,
  leaders with a growth mindset,
  promoting positive thinking
  in the workplace.
They are the purposeful managers,
  the visionaries who understand 
  the function of missteps   
  with reflective action
  as the steppingstones on 
  the path to successful change.

What makes a difference maker stand out as a courageous champion of change?

Grit and resilience-
strength of character-
vision, creative problem solving- 
communication, and collaboration- 
these ingredients must exist
amongst other traits.
The recipe can't be botched.
These skills and traits are necessary 
for learners to lead and transfer
knowledge as they assess,
apply, and move forward on 
the road to applicable change. 

Why is there a pressing urgency for a flank of difference makers?

Difference makers are 
  needed to change the tides of
  fear, status quo, and comfort zones.
   ©CVarsalona, 2019

Difference makers are growing in numbers 
across the globe
and across occupations.
Stand tall as one of many individuals
who has the power to make a difference!

This post is written in response to two challenges:
    • Heidi Mordhorst's Forward...March Ch Poetry Challenge at my juicy little universe with the word botch as today's word (the "ch" words, change and chaos, are woven into the poem).

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