Friday, March 6, 2015

Winter Morning

For the past two days, winter once again touched and tussled the Long Island landscape, leaving frosted pathways and marshmallow mounds. With no one to challenge its entry, winter allowed its stormy path to unfold with stories of quiet beauty, challenging snow removal, and educators traveling to a literacy event. Undaunted by winter's rush, educators filled the halls of the LILAC/NRC Annual Conference to be warmed by camaraderie and new learnings. 

Life as we know it is uncertain and unpredictable. As we plan, we learn to expect the unexpected that changes daily routines. In the winter of 2015, we learn patience as we take positive steps forward. Winter cold may surround us but winter warmth can be found inside hearts lit with passion. 

Allow the music of Fiona Joy Hawkins to fill your soul with soothing sounds.

As your day comes to a close, 
stroll over to the Poetry Friday Round-Up with Robyn Campbell as host. 
There you will find her poem, Which Road Will You Choose? 
I chose positivity.

Also, travel to another poet's site, my little universe, to read about the Forward...MarCH Challenge where Heidi Mordhurst is 
featuring the word fetch today.

Lastly, please send me your offerings for the Gallery of Winter Whisperings that I am creating. The unveiling will follow the close of the winter season. 
Different perspectives of winter are welcomed. 

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