Wednesday, March 11, 2015

When My Writing Space Needs an Intervention

Cluttered chaos is what I call my office space. Stacks of books (favorites and ones to be read) sit amidst writing tools. Also, piled into my tiny office space are a variety of folders in different colors and many notes that need sorting. I would like to call this my haven but as the piles grow my space lessens. At various times, I get the urge to neaten up the space and do so with vigor. I step back and feel the pride that swells from a sense of balance but as days go on and my thoughts move in different directions, my clutter accumulates again-to the point of hair pulling. That is when I know my writing space needs an intervention. I am at that particular point right now, especially since Bonnie Kaplan created a lovely video, Where do You Slice in March 2015?, in which slicers showed their writing spaces. Perhaps after an intervention, I will be able to post a photo of my space.

Here is an interesting add on to my cleaning dilemma: one year ago today, I wrote the following opener to a post called, "Frustration Comes in Bundles": When feeling stressed, overwhelmed, and frustrated, take a step back and breathe. A poem accompanied the post. I totally forgot about this writing until a Twitter colleague, Jennifer Hayhurst sent me a comment here. Isn't this uncanny that I would have similar feelings exactly one year later?

Today starts a new day of sorting (I'm ready to tackle this), organizing (this task will add on layers of clutter but it is worth it) and continued writing (smooch is the word of the day to build a poem around for Heidi Mordhorst's March Poetry CHallenge at my juicy little universe). 

While musing about today's word, I recollected how much fun the neighborhood children had during our recent snowstorms. They created wonderful snow people. I thought I would be inventive in keeping with my winter theme so my poem deals with a snow couple. 

Snowman Smooch
My snowman looked so forlorn.
He needed a mate to weather the storm. 
I asked the children down the street
to find a partner for him to meet.
They molded and sculpted a beautiful one.
She came alive in the morning sun.
Then, her heart quickly melted away
as Snowman gave her a smooch that day.

Adapted from
SOL #11

To read more slices for Day 11 of the March Slice of Life Story Challenge, please go to Two Writing Teachers.

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