Monday, March 16, 2015

1960's Nostalgia

When I read that the Heidi Mordhorst's Forward...March CH Poetry Challenge word of the day was lurch, I immediately thought of the Addams Family's butler, Lurch. He was such an odd fellow, majestic in height with Frankensteinish looks. Besides being a strange and rigid type of character, he was a devoted guardian of the Addams' children with sudden breaks of spontaneity, albeit few and far between.

I thought I would take a step back into time and bring back the 1960s to life for a bit of humor as winter is making its departure. You Rang?  Yes, Lurch, I'm calling you forward.

As a devotee of school, college, and social event popular dancing, I never remember seeing or dancing the lurch. The movements in this 1960s dance popularized by the Addams Family's butler look as though they could be modern day dancing steps at weddings. Check it out! Lurch is flanked by young dancers in white sneakers, straight legs pants,  and sleeveless tops.

Are you ready to lurch forward into my inventive integration of the word lurch into a poetic form?

Lurch around the floor tonight.
Line dance moves holding tight.
Teenyboppers dip and sway
doing the lurch, the 1960s way.
Wondering about the monster groove.
It's boss, groovy, and on the move.
Don't stumble, stagger, reel, or roll.
Follow the pattern-make it your goal.
No wobbling, weaving, or tottering.
The lurch is a professional posturing.

For those still young at heart, a bit of 1960's nostalgia:

TV Highlights:

Book Lover Choices:
Valley of the Dolls, Silent Spring, In Cold Blood, Nancy Drew, The Hardy Boys, Dr. Seuss, Where the Wild Things Are, Little Golden Books

A-line dresses, mini-skirts, shifts, jumpers, bell-bottoms, turtlenecks, sleeveless tops, palazzo pants, pant suits, hiphuggers

Inspiration often comes from a curiosity about a subject - a desire to learn more. Today's inspiring quote on Two Writing Teachers allowed me to reflect on the process I used to find out more about the word lurch and the character called Lurch who played a role on television in the 1960s.

The essence of writing is to know your subject.    David McCullough


To read other slices written for the March Slice of Life Story Challenge, move over to Two Writing Teachers for Day 17's offerings.  

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