Saturday, March 7, 2015

Celebrating the Story of Winter

When winter decided to make its entrance this season, it announced itself through many a storm. Its story unfolded each month through news flashes across the states and the ins and outs of winter blasts. This week, winter roared like a lion as it entered March. Its message was clear and visible: I am just not ready to give up my domain. I celebrate winter's story this week and reflect on each step it took. 

While winter raged this week, storm watch headlines became a gift of the spirit. Instead of bringing the tone of positivity down, it stimulated positive feelings for me. Weather became my kick starter for poems or stories as I creatively and positively approached what winter had to offer. Below is a progression in images of how I captured March's wintery entrance this week.

As I wake to celebrate another Celebration Saturday, there is a heaviness to the morning. The sky's grayness is weighted by the snow as it settles over the neighborhood. There is a mournful look to the landscape but as I search through my Google + posts, I see three by blogger friends (Violet Nesdoly, Vicki Day, and Amy Brennan) that resonate with me. In the words written are a message that leads me to a realization. Leaning in on someone is a step toward meeting each day with positivity. 

Words celebrate the story of life. Today, I offer this: when winter's world feels heavy, it is time to lean in, find the special someone to lift your heart, and walk out onto a fresh, clear day. Within the coldness of the air, find the breath that warms the morning. 

Celebrate life as we know it. 
Celebrate winter's story by sharing together moments. 

As the frost settles on the window pane, look over the Celebrate This Week site that Ruth Ayres created for bloggers to bring light to their special weekly moments and joys.

Also, find the warmth of friendship among the bloggers at Two Writing Teachers' Day 7 of the March SOLSC! #SOL15 site. 

May the beauty of the winter morning be reflected 
in the way you celebrate your day.

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