Saturday, March 14, 2015

Celebrating Word Weaving

Each week stories unfold as we go about our daily routine. Our ordinary, small moments become the building blocks for our stories. Each single event is woven into the next to form a tapestry of thought that emerges from within. 

It is through this process of word weaving that we cleverly craft our thoughts from a myriad of daily life encounters. It is in the intersection and blending of words that a single thought develops into an arch of emotions, images, prose, or poetry. 

I celebrate a week of word weaving in which I strung snippets of thoughts and emotions together to create a tapestry that unfolds in a weekly ritual of expressive language.

This week's digital storybook of thought can be found in the pages of BeyondLiteracyLink:

Teachers as Facilitators of Learning

Digital Learning Day

Tonight's blog post is dedicated to two blogging communities that provide an avenue for me to raise my voice. 

At Two Writing Teachers, the March Slice of Life Story Challenge Day 14 is going on and at Ruth Ayres' Celebrate This Week LXXIII, the bloggers are writing about their weekly celebrations.

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