Saturday, March 14, 2015

Digital Learning Day 2015

It's Digital Learning Day - Celebrate innovation!

Digital platforms are the rage
Social media - the ultimate stage
Tweeters and bloggers communicate 
threaded thoughts, timely, up-to-date.
Tech equity, a newly coined phrase
with many questions to be raised,
supports students' learning style
in a digital world that makes them smile.

Tonight's blog post is dedicated to three blogging sites that provide an avenue to extend digital learning. 

At Poetry Friday, writers, bloggers, and book lovers come together as a community to showcase their writing or that of others. Please travel to Laura Shovan's site, Author Amok, for this week's Poetry Friday.

At Two Writing Teachers the March Slice of Life Story Challenge is on Day 13. 

At Heidi Mordhorst's site, my juicy little universe, Forward...MarCH Challenge, Day 13's word is arch. Here is tonight's offering.

Grand Army Plaza, Brooklyn, NY

Oh, impressive arch,
you stand regally as a connector.
Your massive structure
with old world feel, greets each day,
not as a landing platform for pigeons 
but as a gateway to possibilities.

As a separator from a noisy city,
your arched style graces Park Slope.
Visitors stand in awe of your grandeur-
stories told of your life as a Beaux-arts monument,
Brooklyn's own version of the Arc de Triomphe.
Regally and royally, you
recall a bygone time and herald in
the revival of old world Brooklyn.

Oh, historic monument how impressive
you remain as a landmark point of interest
to travelers, tourists, and New York City residents.
As a backdrop for weddings and market vendors,
you represent what used to be and
what is coming back to a borough of old world charm.

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