Sunday, March 15, 2015

Continuing to Grow As A Digital Writer

Today opened with a look outside my window, a ritual I engage in everyday. From my vantage point, I can look out onto my world as I know it. Some days during this winter season, I found raging storms and heard whistling winds. This morning was different. I saw green grass and barren trees. Most of the snow that turned a dingy color was no longer visible but the sky was gray. My little corner of the neighborhood was devoid of sunshine. The weatherman reported a high of 46 degrees so I thought winter is transitioning. This image inspired me to create today.

It also reminded me that as winter moves into spring so does the gallery that I am designing. Having attended Mass last night, left me free to engage in reflective activities today and gather the poems and photos for Winter Whisperings.  After yoga, I came home to my office and began the ritual of designing and writing. I started with collecting some offerings for the gallery. With the assistance of PicMonkey, I was able to create some digital designs and send them back to the original writers for their approval. Next, I turned my attention to this post that I am penning for DigiLit Sunday hosted by Margaret Simon and the March Slice of Life Story Challenge Day 15 hosted by Two Writing Teachers.

SOL #15
SOL #15 
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DigiLit Sunday 
I invite you to join these two writing communities today to read the posts from various writers. 

Since Friday was Digital Learning Day, I have been playing around with different options for photo editing and the enhancement of images. I believe that a visual is the first lens that attracts readers into a text. Therefore, it has to be an inviting visual. In order to draw readers into a winter whispering I wanted to change daylight into night. With several adjustments in PicMonkey, I was able to achieve the desired effect. Perhaps, you can leave a comment to tell me what your impressions are of this image.

Lastly, I joined Cathy Mere's and Julie Johnson's Digital Maker Playground community for those interested in exploring new digital environments. An opening project was to show your maker space. I saw that Deb Frazier was using Nutshell and although I was unfamiliar with this app, I decided to create with it. My first attempt using Nutshell does not have the audio portion but can be viewed at WATCH NOW! Clearly, I need a few tutorials on how to use Nutshell to capture video but at least I made an attempt. 

Today's quote on Two Writing Teachers, "Writing should be the settlement of dew on the leaf," inspired me to continue my work on integrating literacy with technology. May each piece of writing that you engage in be seen as a fresh start to a new thought. 

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