Thursday, March 5, 2015

Journey Onward

In the stillness of the day,
listen to the whistling of the wind
as it whispers through the trees. 

Focus your gaze.
Look beyond the dense forest 
blanketed by snowdrops.

Follow the path, set in silence.
 With foresight and God speed,
let it lead you on. 

With an adventurous spirit 
Turn your gaze to the heavens.
Find the beacon that glistens on winter's land.

Reach up to the sky.
Dive into pillows of snow.
Stretch your arms to hold the joy of the sun.

With angel's wings
upon your shoulders 
fly above snow-kissed spaces.

Behold the wonders of the land,
untouched by earthly bonds.
Await the stillness.

It unfolds in shadows
kissed by winter's snowsun-
idyllic in its imaginings.

Hear the breath
rustling in your being,
holding court in the stilled quiet.

Pause and reflect
under the arched passageway
of spiritual peace and beauty.

Then, listen again for a gentle presence.

Live the adventure called life,
crafted by the Divine Hand
that holds the majesty of humankind. 

And in your quest find the means to walk the journey with the 
fruit of the Sprit-
love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, 
faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.
(Galatians 5:22-23)

For those who reflect, this song will carry you to a meditative place as you journey.

In the spirit of adventure, move over to Holly Mueller's Spiritual Journey Thursday site to hear the perspectives of the blogging community on the word adventure. 

Write, Share, GiveThe storm keeps raging here on Long Island and so the journey of winter wonderings continues. May the Two Writing Teachers Slice of Life Story Challenge accept this poetry as my offering for Day 5 of the winter collection of stories that I am piecing together during this month's challenge.
Life is a journey. Be inspired to walk it with a reflective eye and a thoughtful soul. Peace!

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