Monday, March 2, 2015

Digging Out

Today is Day 2 of the March Slice of Life Challenge on Two Writing Teachers and the digging out of the snow process is ready to start anew. My son is so tired of taking out the shovels that he left one by the front porch while my husband insists on leaving the snow melt particles in a bucket in the front hallway. 

Before beginning a day of digging out, it is time to drift back into yesteryear and think
about my childhood days in snowy Syracuse where winter existed from November to Easter. Life was fun as a child. The sun would shine brightly after a storm and my sister and I would run out of the house to begin a morning of flopping in snow and building snow forts that looked like an igloo. You can only build a structure when the snow is ready for packing but it takes skill. Creating the perfect snowman, fort, or just snowballs is an art.
When the day of playing in the snow was over, a cup of hot chocolate was in order. We used to have a milk box by the back door. It had a little door that opened to a ledge. When I was a little girl, I recall being intrigued by the milkman's delivery truck and his careful placing of our milk bottles in the milk box. Those bottles of milk were the perfect base for a hot chocolate after a snowy afternoon. Snowy days offered much fun for children but little did I realize how much work there was for adults after a snowstorm.

As I grew up, winter storms continued; school closings occurred. There was one particular closing that never left my memory. We were trapped inside for a week. The roads were impassable and if you wanted to go to the local grocery store you had to walk through a cut out passage in the center of the road. It was so much taller than the average child. That week off from school after a significant blizzard was an adventure. Warm meals and good books were the fare of the day. 

So to engage in a day of digging out, I need a good book, writing tools, a cup of hot chocolate, and a warm cooked meal. I am thinking a mushroom gravy made from fresh mushrooms over grilled chicken is in order. 

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