Sunday, March 22, 2015

Finding Inspiration

In ordinary, day-to-day living, there is a story to unfold. It may be in the quiet moments or in an interaction. It may be in your exercise routine or an event at work. If you look and listen inspiration for a story can be found. As I prepare the Gallery of Winter Whisperings, I am amazed at the range and breadth of perspectives revolving around the topic of winter. I have found inspiration in the writers' poetry, their voice, and the photographs that have taken. 

Below is a sequence of images that I created to illustrate the opportunity to be inspired by nature.

On the first night of spring, I returned home to Long Island from a conference at the state capitol. I knew that snow was approaching but I did not expect the image below. You can read my thoughts about this here.

This image of a small park draped in white caught my eye as I explored the area. I must have crossed paths with this gazebo many times but it never triggered an inspiration. On the first day of spring it did. 

In order to capture its essence, I tried various digital transformations to decide which one would be the most interesting. Unleashing the power of digital software allowed the following transformations of the original scene. Creativity led to further inspiration. 

Three scenes, all beautiful in their portrayals of winter's grasp on its season, are unique as compositions. All three allow me to dig deep to find inspiration to tell my story of the entrance of spring on Long Island. 

SOL #22Since it is DigiLit Sunday at Margaret Simon's site and Day 22 of the March Slice of Life Story Challenge at Two Writing Teachers, I am offering this post to both blogging communities. Lastly, I will post this to the Google+ Community, Digital Maker Playground, created by Cathy Mere and Julie Johnson. 

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